1. Guest Lecture– Special Lectures are arranged by various eminent people to provide valuable career guidance and to share their experiences and knowledge with our students.
  2. Orientation Program: An orientation program was organized for all Three years and five Years students of Law. They were familiarized with the college culture, disciplined to be followed in the college and during lectures. They were given information about academics, exams and various co-curricular activities organized by the college.
  3. Turn Coat: Turn Coat is the form of a debate where the participants will speak for the topic and against the topic. This event is designed to help youth, develop their skills, confidence and poise. This also helps participants how to organize thoughts and express ideas spontaneously.
  4. Client Counseling: The duty of an advocate is to provide legal advice to its client and to solve their doubts. The most important duty is to satisfy their clients. This event aims at polishing skills of the participants whereby they have to solve the problem in hand presented by mock-client and provide appropriate legal advice.