• A trip to MTNL- Powai:-
The MTNL training session was completely based on their syllabus. Students were allowed to touch components and they gained real life experience and knowledge about different kinds of cables, communication systems and data networking systems.

Educational visit to Parle company:-
There was a feeling of excitement among our students while visiting this factory. They were taken through the entire process of production with the help of the guide provided by the company. Students were also shown a PPT and a short film regarding information and process of biscuit making.

• Visit to Nehru Science Center:-
Yet another interesting educational trip where students observed various scientific models in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. They watched a 3D film of environmental study, deforestation and global warming. They also watched the Adrenaline rush show, which was based on human physiology. Truly a wonderful exposure to the world of science!

• A day in Maharashtra Nature Park and RBI Museum:-
This trip improved our student’s knowledge which was grounded in the classroom. Maharashtra Nature Park grows varieties of plants with flora and faunas which attract tiny beautiful butterflies.
The RBI museum aims at documenting and presenting its heritage. The museum exhibits coinages of India, paper currency, gold bars as well as financial instruments and curiosities down the age. It aims at stimulating research and study on the evolution of money around Indian Ocean rim and disseminating information to the public about currency and finance. This trip was a union of heritage and nature.