Vision & Mission


  1. To develop and polish the skills and abilities vital for legal professionals.
  2. To lay prominence on developing and finetuning advocacy skills.
  3. 3.To establish learning through lectures and encourages involvement of students through innovative teaching methods, such as projects, role play, debates, problem solving, individual and group presentations/discussion as well as cocurricular and extra- curricular activities.
  4. To create Opportunities for students to actively participate in social justice and access to justice forums at State, National and International levels.
  5. To lay emphasis on Clinical Legal Education program, where students learn theoretical concepts through practical work and experience, thus, bridging the gaps between theory and practice.
  6. To encourage participation in Pro bono activities.
  7. To promote Summer Internships/Court Visits.
  8. To promote individual attention on students by faculty for overall development of student.
  9. To create an educational system that maximizes potential, encourages the use of technology and extends out of the textbook into real life.


“To Educate and Create Responsible & Enlightened Citizens that shape into Legal Luminaries of the Future”.


Lords Universal College of Law
Topiwala Marg, Off Station Road,
Goregaon West,
Mumbai 400 104.

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