Graduates in Commerce are able to plot a career path in the world of business. Success in any choice of career will depend on how the students uses this foundation course as a stepping stone to study further and gain post graduate qualifications. This course is also offered in the NIGHT section at a substantially lowered cost.

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LUC Broch Leaflets 20116-17 c2c bcom night


The University of Mumbai has introduced this course to create for students not only as an additional avenue of self-employment but also to enrich industry by providing them with suitable trained persons in the field of Accounting & Finance.LUC Broch Leaflets 20116-17 c2c baf


Over the last few years, Banking and Insurance have grown hugely in terms of business potential. This course provides students with a strong understanding of Banking and Insurance. This specialisation should be treated as an intermediate step in the pursuit of post- graduate qualifications like C-RIM (Risk and Insurance Management), Insurance Management and Health Insurance Management.LUC Broch Leaflets 20116-17 c2c bbi


B.M.S. provides adequate basic understanding of Management education. This course exposes the student to practical aspects like project work, group studies, case studies and presentations which form part of an MBA programme. This degree is much sought after in the Sales & Marketing and Finance divisions of private sector companies. Management markets, especially as Indian companies are making their presence felt world-wide.LUC Broch Leaflets 20116-17 c2c bms


This course is designed to provide students with a firm grounding in communication skills. Enhancement of creativity and critical thinking form the backbone of this programme. Students are encouraged to combine theory with practical applications using detailed research, lucid writing skills, oral presentations and various media tools. The college offers both Advertising as well as Journalism specialisation.LUC Broch Leaflets 20116-17 c2c bmm


India’s IT & IT enabled services industry keep growing due to a fast expanding domestic market. Students get intensive and extensive software training in the smartly-equipped computer and laptop labs. There is huge demand for students doing this course.LUC Broch Leaflets 20116-17 bsc it


Computer Science deals with creating, developing and extending underlying Computer technology. This course provides an indepth theoretical understanding of Mathematics, Electronics and Programming. At the end of the course, a student becomes a complete professional who has knowledge of both hardware and software.LUC Broch Leaflets 20116-17 bsc cs


Clinical research, diagnostic sciences in healthcare and preventive medicine in the pharmaceutical industry need microbiologists. Food preservation, quality control in the packaged food industry and the role of microbes in environmental balance are some other areas where graduates in microbiology get remunerative and challenging jobs. Marine Microbiology is a relatively new division and promises to be an exciting one.LUC Broch Leaflets 20116-17 bsc micro


Super-specialisation is vital in today’s competitive work environment. A post-graduate qualification in Commerce ensures a faster growing career which has multiple options.LUC Broch Leaflets 20116-17 c2c mcom

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Note: –
1. University has introduced 40:60 Credit, Grade and Semester Exam for MCom programme from 2012-13.
2. TY BMM also can now do MCom (with Business Management only) under the revised University rules.