Scheme of Examination

University of Mumbai has introduced the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) For Under Graduate (UG) Law Programmes under the Law Stream in Faculty of Humanities with effect from the Academic Year 2019-20


The University of Mumbai vides its circular bearing No. UG/79 of 2016-17, dated 14th October 2016, laid down that the 10-point Grading System, prepared by the Special Committee constituted for the purpose at its meeting held on 1st September 2016, has been accepted by the Academic Council at its meeting held on 30th September 2016, and that in accordance therewith, the following scheme for the uniform 10-point grading system from the Academic Year 2016-17 be implemented.

Grading System shall be adopted for the University of Mumbai which is as follows:

Marks Grade Points Grade Performance
80 & above 10 O Outstanding
70 to 79.99 9 A+ Excellent
60 to 69.99 8 A Very Good
55 to 59.99 7 B+ Good
50 to 54.99 6 B Above Average
45 to 49.99 5 C Average
40 to 44.99 4 D Pass
Less than 40 0 0 F Fail

Note: Consider 1 Grade Point is equal to Zero for CG calculations of failed learner/s in the concerned course/s.

The University of Mumbai, vide its circular bearing No. UG/46 of 2019-20 dated 20th May 2019, implemented the CBCS for Semester I of the Three Years and Five Years LL.B Programme from the Academic Year 2019-20 and made it applicable progressively for the students taking admission for both the Law Programmes.

Note: Norms of Examinations, evaluation and assessment are likely to change as per guidelines from the University/Government.

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